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I turn your ideas into digital reality.
Taking pixels & making them form to your vision.
Dropping[the bass] dead pixels & dirty code.
Web design & development on both large & small scale.
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Passion fuels the rocket, but vision - a big dream - points the rocket to its ultimate destination. - Steve Jobs
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collection of some of my work including web design, web development, HTML email design, and graphic design.

Strategy(ANALYZE). Design(CREATE). Implement(VALIDATE).
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entrepreneur by trade. engineer by blood. designer by heart.

I'm goofy. I'm genuine. I'm honest. I'm hardworking. I'm diligent. I'm persistent. I'm Cody Thierauf and I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee. I make websites.. and stuffs. I'm also very good at breaking them.
I've been working for ~11 years in both back and front end development. I built my first website when I was 8 and started charging for websites when I was 12 - you could say the playground didn't interest me as much as it did the other kids.

Now at 23 you can imagine I have quite a bit experience under my belt and have tinkered with a variety of different languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Flash Actionscript, C++, MySQL, and Visual Basic. I'm an outdoor enthusiast and adrenaline junky. If it goes fast or provides a rush, odds are I've experienced.
All of my design and development I now do shouldn't be considered work. I'm too in love with what I do - it's practically my way of life!
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Though I move with my dreams, I currently reside in Nashville - chasing my bucket list down every step of the way.


Cody Thierauf

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Constantly pushing to lean forward while others fall back.
Let`s design your tactic.

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